Our Funeral Plans start at €2.700. Iberian Funeral Director is the best option for a plan & funeral service. 

– Get the best and cheapest price –

We offer pre-paid plans, memorial and all funeral arrangements to get a burial or cremation.

Funeral Plan Basic

Funeral plan Basic Plus

Repatriation funeral plan

What is a Pre-paid Funeral?

Funeral plan is a choice with which you can pay for a funeral in advance, thus all economic problems are eliminated when the inevitable happens. In addition to a funeral plan you only pay for what you buy. Avoiding any future extra cost.

Why choose a Funeral Plan?

You have instant peace of mind and can be safe in the knowledge that your plan benefits will always be available whenever they are required in the future.

Why Choose Iberian?

An Iberian Funeral Plan allows you to make all the necessary arrangements and payments now, letting you get on with your life knowing that when the inevitable happens, your next of kin will only have to make one phone call to our 24 hour English speaking bereavement line. With an Iberian Funeral Plan all paperwork and practicalities are taken care of, the service and cremation are arranged and carried out with time for the family to be present. The Funeral Plans are inflation proof, once the initial cost has been met, no further payments are required.

The most important concepts you need to know about
Iberian Funeral Director & Funeral Plans

Funeral costs frozen at today’s prices with no hidden extras

24 hour English/Spanish speaking bereavement line “Only a call to sort everything”

Professional English, Spanish and Swedish speaking operatives

Tailored plans, no matter your option, cremation or burial

Fully operational and legally registered Spanish Company

Local offices and professional consultants no matter who you are

Guaranteed provision of plan benefits

Interest Free Instalment plans

From our offices and the web site access we have, we offer you cover throughout the whole of the Iberian Peninsular and offshore islands, giving professional advice and assistance to our clients.

We providing a comprehensive service through its team of dedicated and professional consultants. Our funeral plans are do it for you and your individual needs. We guarantee that we have no hidden extras when the times comes.

“If you are looking for a funeral plan or pre-paid plan
we have the best”

We are not a finance or insurance company, so you have guaranteed acceptance with no medical questions or credit searches.

Our plans are fixed at today’s prices and are inflation proof, no matter how long you live or how much funeral costs increase, you will never pay anything extra to Iberian.

Guarantee and security

  • Iberian guarantee that your next of kin will not have unexpected expenses at the time of death.
  • All specifications included in the Plan Members Certificate will be covered.

Funeral Director & Funeral Services

“If you do not have a funeral plan”… No worries we can make all the arrangements for you. Burial or cremation. Only one call is needed”

As a funeral director we would like to advise on the best options to prepare all funeral arrangements for your loved one. We can make all procedures for cremation and burials and advise you to get the best service at best price.

If you do not have a funeral plan and you need a funeral company
please contact us at +34 900 104 351.
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